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For those who can't wait to hold Blues4Kali in their hot little hands:

This novel has not yet appeared in print form. The trade paperback edition of Blues4Kali has been postponed indefinitely, due to the high cost of printing and ecological concerns. If you are interested in sponsoring a print run of Blues4Kali using earth-friendly materials, please contact our fundraising department with your proposal.

If you are an agent or traditional print publisher, and are interested in representing or purchasing the physical and film rights for this novel, please contact Amana Mission at

If you would like to entertain your audience with the half-witted ramblings of Indi Riverflow, please allow enough time in your schedule to permit the Kundalini Klinic staff to approve psychiatric review AND stock an adequate regimen of medicine.

Telephone appearances are preferred, as the public frequently frightens the author with the torches and ropes. Schedules are best set by bearing in mind that time does not flow at the same rate in the universe of a schizoaffective trance medium who surfs between dimensions spontaneously.

We welcome your invitation and admire your courage!